Before I received a deal from my customer,she had requested me to prepared assorted muffin for her and family to taste.I had prepared a few of them as per photo.
Alhamdulillah..I got the deal..heheh..Makasih ya Ila..makasih ya KAK ZAH who route Ila to me.2009_0407100008a
After Packed(KDC prepared exactly as per doorgift xcept I’m using my standard box where on the happening day,box color will base on customer wedding theme)
HIGHLIGHTS:Next Baking/Deco Class At KDC
Class name:Decorated Cookies(Hands on)
Date:18th April
For details,please visit
Only limited seat availabe now.KDC practise personal focus to participants.Register now for your seat!!

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  1. Salam…

    Leh bg sy quotation for Wedding Muffin or other bake goods such as Cupcakes, Bahulu or etc? tempahan dlm 1000 pcs …Thank u

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